Oral surgery

perfect-smile-post_1367235168The most dreaded treatment of all. Many people have some negative surgical experience from the past, which makes them anxious and afraid to even think of oral surgery. In possession of their best knowledge, Oral Care’s team is able to eliminate patients’ fear since apart from using the most up-to-date equipment and anaesthetics, our doctors and assistants provide detailed information on the treatment, discussing everything step by step. Let us disperse your fear! Let us create healthy, magically glowing teeth for you!


All-on-4 is an innovative prosthetic procedure. This is a detachable fixed denture on a steadily secured implant. Among its many other advantages the most important one is that it looks natural and we don’t have to be afraid of it dislocating. The palate is left unobstructed, because the denture is held by implants. This ensures secure biting and chewing, too day and night – without glue!