Zenostar Full Contour Zirconia

We would like to introduce the Zenostar Full Contour Zirconia!



Zenostar Full Contour Zirconia Restorations

Your best option for high strength

The Zenostar system sets major standards in dental technology. Monolithic restorations have become firmly established in the dental industry and Zenostar is leading the way by presenting an overall system which is not only target-oriented and future-ready but designed to benefit dental technicians, clinicians, and patients alike.

Simple. Beautiful. Strong. That is the Zenostar promise.

Benefits of Zenostar Full Contour Zirconia

  • Full contour zirconia crowns and bridges without a ceramic veneer.
  • No chipping.
  • Cost effective and esthetic metal free restorations.
  • Biocompatible and durable.
  • Suitable for cases where occlusal space is limited.
  • Pre-shaded zirconia for staining and glazing.


All-on-4 is an innovative prosthetic procedure. This is a detachable fixed denture on a steadily secured implant. Among its many other advantages the most important one is that it looks natural and we don’t have to be afraid of it dislocating. The palate is left unobstructed, because the denture is held by implants. This ensures secure biting and chewing, too day and night – without glue!